24 Hours KTM 50 cc

24 Hours KTM 50 cc

Installation of a PVL inner rotor ignition

The installation requires the following:
  1. The enclosure must be spindled professionally on a boring machine. The center is the bore of the crankshaft bearing and must be 100% aligned eg (in three axes),horizontally and vertically perpendicular to the crankshaft axis and centered on the axis, or else the ignition sits virtually shifted to the axis, and the rotor grinds on the stator. Here, the highest accuracy is required.

  2. The PVL rotor 940 with central hole must be rotating on the KTM-cone and are lapped. The keyway is not incorporated, since the torque is only transmitted via the cone.

  3. The adapter plate SG 1696 must be rotated according to the drawing SG 1694 and be made of aluminum or high-strength plastic. Here, it must absolutely concentricity, rear and front. An adapter plate must be fitted with 0.05 mm to the KTM housing. The adjustment slots milled according to the division (please measure accurately).

On the adapter plate a recess for the stator is to be incorporated, so that the stator rests flat on the adapter plate. The ignition cable bushing must be rounded so that it can not chafe and not lead to short circuit.


On the adapter plate are 3 holes for mounting the PVL baseplate.  It is advised to use countersunk screws and lock nuts from the back to secure the stator tight to the rotatable adapter plate. The ignition timing is thereby during turning of the entire ignition guaranteed. To loosen is impossible.

Mill the PVL stator base plate by 2 mm from the rear, so that the stator is seated as close as possible to the crankshaft bearing, because the bearing load is greater, the further the stator and therefore the connected rotor (must run centre) is placed away from the bearing.


The rotor cone only adjust and determine when the stator is screwed in the housing. The rotor must be mounted so that in every case the stator 100% "covered" by the rotor magnets

After the ignition timing, an engine cover (with vents exhaust side top or rear) can be mounted.  The adapter plate must be fixed with 2 fixing on the engine housing so that the ignition timing is not adjustable.  Unscrew the 3 screws securing the adapter plate.  Screw the modified KTM engine cover to the adapter plate and fasten with 3 correspondingly longer screws the engine cover and the ignition securely to the engine.  Once the 5 screws are secure, nothing can turn on the ignition.

When assembling the rotor the cone must be free from grease! Secure the rotor nut with Loctite. See also General Assembly instructions.